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Crime writer Joel Goldman

Joel Goldman

Welcome to my digital home – where you’ll find crime thrillers to die for.

Why do I write my action-packed, best selling crime novels?

I love creating a suspenseful world with fascinating, unpredictable characters, villains who do the worst things for the worst reasons and heroes who won’t rest until justice has been done. As an avid reader of crime novels, I know what it’s like to lose yourself in one of these worlds, to root for characters you care about and root against the villains you love to hate, with your heart caught in your throat from the first page to the last.

Writing crime fiction is the best of all worlds for me as a writer and I want my books to be the best for you.

So dive into one of my thrillers, conduct your own investigation and catch the bad guys even if you can’t catch your breath.


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Best selling crime author Joel Goldman takes us on his journey to becoming a writer.

The first video from ‘A Personal Journey’

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The popular trial lawyer Lou Mason is back. And this time it’s personal. When his best friend Blues, an ex-cop with a checkered history, is arrested by Mason’s surrogate father, Homicide Detective Harry Ryman, Lou unearths a series of dreadful secrets that someone would do absolutely anything to keep under wraps.

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My Webinars

Webinar: Stone Cold

Webinar: Stone Cold

In this broadcast, I’ll introduce you to Alex Stone, a public defender who makes her debut in my new thriller, Stone Cold. One of the reasons I love writing legal thrillers is that the stakes are as high as they can get – life and death. You might say that’s true of any thriller and you’d be right. But legal thrillers are different because we expect the criminal justice system to level the playing field for those accused of a crime, guaranteeing that justice is done.

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Webinar: Motion to Kill

Webinar: Motion to Kill

This broadcast introduces one of the toughest, most loyal and sometimes reckless lawyers anybody ever made up. His name is Lou Mason and I should know because I’m the guy who created him, along with Wilson Bluestone, Jr., aka Blues, a full-blooded Shawnee Indian man-mountain who always has Lou’s back and Claire Mason, Lou’s aunt and lawyer role-model and a crew of other characters you won’t soon forget.

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