The Joel Goldman Interviews

The Joel Goldman Interviews. Watch best-selling crime author Joel Goldman interviewed in these two series of open and candid videos. The first series ‘A Personal Journey’ includes the three video’s ‘Becoming A Writer’, ‘Writing Habits’, and ‘Tics’. The second series of interviews ‘The Writer’s Life’ includes the three interviews ‘Elements of Craft’, ‘Publishing a First Book’, and ‘Self-Publishing.’

All In Long

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All In Co Authoring

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Arts Upload

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Tics - One of my biggest challenges

Joel Goldman talks about Tics Play

Investing in Yourself

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Writing Habits

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Elements of Craft

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Publishing a first book

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The Self Publishing Biz

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Controlling Your Own Destiny

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How Bookselling Has Changed

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How I Broke In

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The Birth of Brash Books

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On Becoming a Writer

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Importance of Feedback and Editing

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The Discipline of the Undisciplined Mind

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To Outline or Not to Outline

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Earning a Living Self Publishing

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