Stone Cold

Is it ever ok to cross the line? Just how far would you go to protect those you love?

When Public defender Alex Stone wins an acquittal for her client, Dwayne Reed, accused of murdering a fellow drug dealer, Alex fears that Reed may murder an entire family in retribution for damaging testimony at his trial. If that weren’t enough, the man she put it on the line for in court threatens to attack her lover, Dr. Bonnie Long. With surprising twists and gut-wrenching suspense, this riveting story will keep you on the edge as you see just how far Alex will go to protect the innocent.

Alex Stone is running out of time to stop what she started in the courtroom – cold-blooded murder.

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Reviews for Stone Cold

Is it ever okay to cross the line? In STONE COLD, Joel Goldman delivers a remarkably nuanced, edge-of-your-seat legal thriller that grapples with that issue. When Public Defender Alex Stone’s partner is threatened by one of her clients, Alex must weigh the power of the court vs. the power of a gun, and live with the result. This is suspense at its very best, beautifully written by a pro who deserves to be in the same ranks as Grisham and Turow.

Libby Fischer Hellmann, Author of A Bitter Veil

Stone Cold is another excellent novel by Joel Goldman. It is well written with numerous intriguing twists-a real page turner. The story takes place in Goldman's favorite setting - Kansas City; with characters familiar to Goldman readers. If you enjoy legal thrillers this is one of the best.

Dale Dobbs

I have read all of Goldman’s books and each is well written with an interesting plot line and characters.
Joel Goldman has another winner with his new book Stone Cold! Just when you think you have the plot figured out…a development occurs that moves the characters in another direction. I found that I did not want to put the book down and was disappointed that I finished it so quickly.

Kathy Serrano

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