All In

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Cassie Ireland works as a modern-day Robin Hood for people who have nowhere else to turn, not even to the police. Jake Carter is a roguish high roller traveling the world to play—and win—big-money poker. As Lady Luck would have it, the two unexpectedly find themselves targeting the same mark: Alan Kendrick, a ruthless, mega-rich hedge fund manager who doesn’t mind padding his bank account with a few shady deals. He’s swindled the wrong people this time—and now Ireland and Carter will join forces to take him down.

From New York to Buenos Aires to the Mediterranean, Cassie and Jake go all in, risking everything, including their lives, in a game with the highest of stakes and no rules. Who is the hunter, and who is the prey?

Reviews for All In

All In is one wild ride. Sparkling dialogue between the well-matched pairing of Cassie Ireland's kick-ass fixer and Jake Carter's poker ace and enough twists and turns to keep you glued to the pages ’til dawn. Superb.

Zoe Sharp, bestselling author of the Charlie Fox Thrillers

Joel Goldman is one of my favorite authors, and this new series may be his best yet. It has it all: funny, smart characters constantly one-upping each other, a furious, globe-trotting pace, snappy dialogue, and twists and turns and baits and switches at every stop. More, please! A phenomenal debut for a promising series.

David Ellis, bestselling author of The Hidden Man

Think you can put down All In once you start reading? Don't bet on it! Goldman and Klink's high-stakes romp through the world of international poker kept me turning pages until the final hand was played!

Rebecca Cantrell, New York Times bestselling author of The Tesla Legacy

A thief, a gambler, secrets and psychopaths, and a $5 million dollar pot to be had—for whoever can stay alive. I was *All In* from the first page to the nail-biting final sentence. A wild ride.

Robert Dugoni, bestselling author of My Sister’s Grave

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