Freaks Must Die

In Freaks Must Die, Matt Cahill intervenes in a robbery… or is it? He ends up botching a ransom exchange for a kidnapped boy, then things get even worse as an innocent man is killed and a child’s life is put in jeopardy. Matt heads to New York City to rescue the boy and make amends.

Reviews for Freaks Must Die

"Another great chapter of the dead man saga. Freaks must die is one of the most fun of the Dead Man books. In this "episode" we find Matt in PA unwittingly botching a kidnap ransom exchange. He travels to New York to try and set things right. That is where the freaks come in. Without giving a lot away I really enjoyed the freaks and hope they show up in upcoming chapters. Especially Wilson. This book is also among the best written of the series. There is no corny dialogue that is in some of the others. The dialogue actually adds to the story and more importantly seems to be written for each character differently (something not all of the books have had). Great book, great chapter. Keep 'em coming."

by crowcomputers

"gotta love matt. im a big fan of the series, but this one didnt seem as action packed or violent as the others. also, matt seems more at home in the rural and secluded settings than n.y.c. still, was a fun read."

Benjamin Davis

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