Random Ramblings

Random RamblingsWhat do you do when you need to post something to your blog but nothing jumps up and grabs you as an irresistible topic? You ramble on a bit about what’s going on in your head and in the world.

Head: Thrilled that Stone Cold is off to such a great start. Climbing the Amazon bestseller charts and garnering embarrassingly good reviews (okay – I’m not really embarrassed but that sounds better than referring to them as either unexpected or understated).

World: It was 74 degrees in Kansas City yesterday, a new record for December. The ice cap is melting, the seas are rising and if this keeps up, we’ll be selling beachfront property in the heart of America. Crazy.

Head: Why does my to-do list keep growing and why does “start next Alex Stone thriller” keep sliding toward the bottom?

World: A Kansas City Chief’s football player kills his girlfriend, mother of their three-month old daughter, and then kills himself. The next day, the Chiefs play their best game of the year and break an eight game losing streak. Crazy.

Head: What happens when things go wrong? See above. Makes for pulse pounding drama in a thriller. Unspeakable and unimaginable in real life.

World: President Obama and the Republicans are playing a game of chicken, daring each other to jump off the fiscal cliff. If they screw it up, how many people will lose their jobs while they keep theirs? Crazy.

Head: No one’s life is perfect, including mine. I’ve got no complaints that count and more blessings than I can count. But would it have been so bad if I’d had at least two correct numbers on the $550 million dollar Powerball lottery?

World: Princess Kate is pregnant and the whole world celebrates. Crazy? Nah. Wonderful.